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How to Protect Important Documents

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Despite green movements encouraging less paper consumption, paperless offices are still few and far between. Every day, millions of documents are printed in offices around the world. Sometimes, these papers are not picked up right away and are left in the tray for some time. Documents pile up, especially with shared printers.

The lack of a simple document identification method makes information vulnerable and insecure. A misused or misappropriated document can spell big trouble.

Unidentified and unattended documents are not uncommon; we print documents for many reasons, and often without a type of label to prevent misuse. Placing a rubber stamp in the margins, however, is ineffective and therefore a waste of time.

The best way to protect paper and PDF documents is to identify and label them the moment they are printed. With the latter, it should be marked when it is created in Word. If not, it will have to be labeled manually or with a PDF editing program. Furthermore, if only selected pages are to be marked, it will have to be done one by one, which can be tedious.

A document identification method must be comprehensive and capable of marking all pages of a document with a symbol that cannot be changed. In addition, it must have the capacity to accept user input so that the symbol can be customized when necessary.

As mentioned previously, marginal stamping is not effective in entirely protecting a document. This is the main shortcoming of the rubber stamp, which is already very outdated. In order to prevent the misuse or misinterpretation of a document, it must have a marking that is irremovable and unalterable. The method to implement this marking should have a user-friendly interface as well in order to facilitate and encourage use.

Watermarks or shaded gray images are useful in situations where misappropriation or mishandling is not likely to happen. However, gray watermarks provide minimal security given today’s copier technology. Colored watermarks offer more protection but can still be changed or deleted.

A marking that cannot be removed is the most secure means of protecting a printed document. This can be accomplished by placing a stamp outline in such a way that the document can still be read. This type of marking cannot be easily covered or deleted and will prevent misuse of your document.

If you’re ready to have someone support you in this effort or if you are focused in becoming “more paperless” in your office yet still more secure, we have suppliers that have been pre-qualified who can assist you with your needs without you investing an inordinate amount of time to do so.

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The Advantage of Online Document Management Systems

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With online document management systems, documents are handled electronically throughout their life cycle, from creation to storage to archiving or deletion. An online document management system keeps documents that were created electronically as well as scanned copies of physical documents. These can then be accessed via the internet and retrieved easily using searches and indexing systems.

An obvious advantage of an online document management system is convenience, as files can be accessed from anywhere and transferred quickly from one user to another. In addition, it reduces the need for physical storage spaces and improves workflow and information management efficiency.

More specifically, an online document management system can provide the following benefits to your organization:

•    Fewer documents are misplaced as files are well organized.
•    An online document management system serves as a web based archive of documents.
•    You can keep track of who last edited a particular document.
•    Documents can be located easily and quickly – you don’t have to comb through stacks and stacks of papers.
•    You can create as many copies of a file as you want.
•    It is easier to comply with the Freedom of Information Act.
•    You can keep documents, emails, and faxes in a single system.
•    Users have better control over documents.
•    There is more space and less clutter, since documents are stored online and there is no need for bulky file cabinets.
•    Information can be shared among remote offices and workers; distance is not an issue.
•    It is easier to abide by industry legislation.
•    Large volumes of data can be stored.
•    Information can be integrated into other databases.
•    Electronic and scanned in documents are stored in one central location.
•    You can still access your documents even when you’re traveling, as long as you have a computer with an internet connection.

Online document management systems are useful for all types of businesses in different industries. For example, organizations in the engineering sector often employ such systems for storing and retrieving drawings efficiently. Online document management systems are also used by UK government departments such as the Home Office, the Ministry of Defence, and the National Archives.


5 Signs You Need a Document Management System

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What is document management, and does your office need it? An online document management system is one that allows users to keep paper and electronic documents in a central web-based depot. Document management systems used to be something that was just nice to have, but now it is becoming a more essential business tool.

The question is, do YOU need it?

Here are five signs that your office might require a little help with managing documents.

1.    You have lost business because documents have disappeared. Ever misplaced a customer’s quote request or signed contract? Companies that have a document management system are able to immediately scan new papers coming in, so there is hardly a chance to lose important information. Moreover, electronic documents can be added to the system, placing them all in a central location for fast and easy retrieval.

2.    When talking to customers on the phone, your employees cannot answer questions in a timely manner. For instance, a client calls and asks for a copy of their contract. How long does the search time take? If it’s more than five seconds, then you need a document management system. Storing and organizing files online will enable your staff to quickly find the correct document by using index values and keywords. They can then email the file to the customer, all while they are still on the phone.

3.    You cannot hire new employees or you have to move to a new office because there are documents and file cabinets everywhere. A document management system can save space because your files are stored online.

4.    You open a folder and find at least five copies of the same document. This is not uncommon, and some claim that more than 80 percent of information in an office is unnecessary or redundant. By scanning and labeling paperwork, you can immediately tell if there are any duplicates or which copy is the most recent and just delete the unnecessary ones.

5.    You’ve had to transfer documents to an off-site storage location. This is obviously a big problem. If you or your staff have to drive somewhere else in order to retrieve a certain document, then you absolutely need a document management system. This will save you a lot of time and money because your documents can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection.

Do any of the above scenarios sound familiar? If so, then it is time to turn your workplace into a paperless office. Getting started is actually easy. Simply contact a reputable online document management provider and they will help you come up with a plan that best suits your situation. You will soon have happier employees and customers, as well as more room in your office.

Reputable online document management suppliers are just one click away. We do the hard work and qualify them – you only need to worry about choosing the one that fits best.