The Significance of Posture in Relationship Selling

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Relationship selling or consultative selling is key to building a successful online business. An important element in this process is posture. One must project a confident posture, especially when on the phone.

Although many of us would like to conduct our business solely through online means, we still need to use offline tools such as the phone. Having excellent telephone skills is essential in relationship selling, since you only have about ten seconds to introduce yourself and give a valid reason for calling.

Because you only have your voice to create an atmosphere of trust, it’s more challenging to communicate via phone. Your tone is very important. Is your tone pleasant? Do you sound sincere? Is your voice clear? Do you have a “smile” in your voice? The listener will be able to tell if you have confidence and a positive attitude. Here’s a tip for you – smile! Doing so will help you project optimism.

To be confident, you have to be prepared. Know what you’re going to say beforehand. Practice so you’ll feel comfortable and be able to carry a natural conversation. Instead of worrying about what you’re going to say next, you can listen carefully to the other person and take down notes.

Be friendly yet professional. Take the lead in the conversation by guiding your prospect or customer through the call. Stay focused on your main objective and stick to a time limit. You can share a little about yourself if you have something common – this will help develop their trust in you.

As long as you’re sincere, you’ll be able to gain your listeners’ trust as people do pick up on that. People want to be heard, so be a good listener, which is something rare these days. Also, if you take down notes, you can use them during your sales follow-up.

In summary, you want your tone to be confident. Prepare so you can be fully present during the call. Be professional and sincere. Relationship selling is all about having good posture and being prepared. Once you have those, your phone meeting will be successful, and you can move on to the next step, which is the follow-up.


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