3 Tips for Effective Follow-Ups

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Why do some people succeed at following up while many others fail? Do you belong to the second group? Are you unsure how to follow up effectively? Following up can be a frustrating task, but here are three tips to help you turn things around. Hint: the difference between good and bad results often lies in how the individual approaches the situation.

1.    Be prepared to arrange the follow-up during the initial call or meeting. Have a script ready so you’ll know what to say. Let your prospect know that they’ll be hearing from you again; neglecting to do this may lead to an awkward moment and a loss for words on your part during the follow-up. If you follow up the wrong way, it’s more likely that you’ll have a hard time communicating effectively and getting something out of your prospect.

2.    Keep in mind that timing is everything. This is one of the major deciding factors in your follow-up success (or failure). Good timing is very important because if you contact your prospect at an inconvenient time, they may brand you as a disruption. Always ask when the best time to call is. Again, as mentioned in the tip number one, set the follow-up during the first call or meeting.

Following up is actually a time to build a relationship with your prospect and not to close the sale, unless they ask for it. Focus on establishing a smooth conversation, as failing to do so will decrease your chances of getting the results you want. Moreover, always use your best judgment to determine whether the prospect is interested but very busy or simply not interested at all.

3.    Stay focused on your goals, but maintain an open mind at the same time. You will encounter several prospects who just aren’t interested. Be ready to hear the word “no” from time to time. This way, you’ll be able to handle rejections better and not be as disappointed when things don’t go as planned.

Remember these three tips and use them to improve your follow-up efforts. Things may not change overnight, but don’t give up and just keep practicing!


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