5 New Year’s Resolutions for a Better Business

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Are you ready to experience your best business year yet? Make your 2011 amazing and grow your business by leaps and bounds by making these five New Year’s resolutions.

1.    I will direct my marketing efforts outside my comfort zone.

Try at least one marketing program next year. Consider direct mail, Google Adwords, or even podcasting! Sure, you’ll be in for a wild ride ahead, but the benefits you reap will be well worth it.

2.    I will listen to my gut more often.

Even if you’re learning from the most wealthy and influential business experts, keep in mind that they’re still human and that everyone makes mistakes. Their advice may not always work for your particular situation, or they may be having a bad day.

Try this exercise. Review your current strategies and see which ones worked best to bring you more clients, money, and success. It’s very likely that you’ll find a bit of serendipity and/or your intuition in each of these.

3.    I will earn and claim my bragging rights.

Throw all those unnecessary apologies and excuses away. Sentences such as, “I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but…” and “This is probably a silly question, but…” should never come out of your mouth ever again.

4.    I will test drive at least one piece of business advice that I normally resist.

When I first became a copywriter, I resisted the idea of self-promotion. I also refrained from buying a copywriting phrase book and from using a headline generator. Nowadays, I can’t imagine my life without promoting myself and without these tools. Little things do make a huge difference.

Of course, if someone suggests that you sell all your possessions and live in a camper van in the middle of nowhere, say no. Remember rule #2!

5.    I will honor myself to stay motivated and enthusiastic.

What do you need? Is it listening to music while you work, exercising in the mornings, or going to the movies every weekend?

What kind of schedule suits you the best? Do you prefer to work continuously with absolutely no interruptions or in shorter blocks of time? Do the kids and/or pets have to go to daycare for a few hours so you can concentrate better?


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