Using VOIP in a Business

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Businesses, even those that are doing well, want to lower their expenses as much as possible. Of course, cutting down on costs should not mean having to sacrifice customer service quality or reputation; hence, the budget for telecommunications is usually left as is. And even with today’s technology, there are still several people who prefer to communicate via telephone. Therefore, it is important for companies to offer this option for such customers in order to not lose any valuable business.

These days, several companies are struggling to stay afloat. Not just small businesses, but large ones as well. Many of them find it hard to cover costs of long distance services, equipment, and maintenance.

The need to continue providing quality products and services at a reasonable price while still turning a profit is essential to any business. Anyone that claims otherwise is most likely lying. Many companies have turned to outsourcing to foreign countries for their telecommunication requirements. In this case, the independent contractor will be the one to handle incoming and outgoing calls, as well as the costs of equipment and maintenance.

Still, some companies prefer to do this themselves, or at least keep it more local. For these businesses, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) may be a practical and inexpensive solution that can replace traditional telephones.

A company should consider initial equipment and training costs when planning to make the switch from PSTN (public switched telephone network) to VoIP. Equipment can include the actual telephone units, as well as any new upgrades to existing connections. VoIP only works with a high speed internet connection, so if there is a need for an upgrade, its cost has to be taken into account.

Obviously, more new equipment means lesser savings for the first year. Training will likely be minimal, as VoIP systems are simple in general. Employees can view training materials on the computer, eliminating the need for a large conference room or overtime pay.

VoIP is not foolproof, though. There has to be a backup method of communication available should there be a power outage. Location is also important. If high speed broadband internet is not available in a certain area, then VoIP will not work there.

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